Standalone C++ program to create the JSON for one XML output using rapidjson.


Rapidjson is a C++ JSON parser and generator. In other words, it helps a C++ program to read JSON data and write JSON data.
rapidjson supports SAX (Simple API for XML) style and DOM (Document Object Model) for parsing.

(rapidjson is a header-only library. That means, the only thing to be done is to copy rapidjson/include/rapidjson and its sub-directories to your project or other include paths.)
the steps mentioned below are for the Mint distribution-

The rapidjson package can be downloaded from here – . It can then be unpacked.
(considering that the folder containing the installed rapidjson is ‘rapidjson’)

before proceeding, certain libraries need to be installed, which can be done by-
$sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib g++-multilib

now, run GNU make in build/gmake,(inside ‘rapidjson’) for example-
$make -f test.make config=release32
$make -f example.make config=debug32

On success, the executable are generated at rapidjson/bin

inside the ‘include’ sub-folder (in…

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